Singer Ed Sheeran calls out Lewis Capaldi for a boxing match

In the realm of influencers, a peculiar trend has emerged over the past few years where internet sensations veer away from keyboards and cameras to opt instead for boxing gloves to settle disputes.

Prominent figures from YouTube and TikTok have surprisingly transitioned into professional boxers. Some of them have notably engaged in bouts against legendary names like Floyd Mayweather.

Earlier in 2023, KSI’s Misfits Boxing inked a significant five-year pact with DAZN. This opened doors for numerous celebrities to step into the ring.

The latest buzz involves multi-award-winning musician Ed Sheeran, who expressed his willingness to box music sensation Lewis Capaldi.

Ed Sheeran recently made an appearance during the Taylor vs. Cameron 2 event in Dublin on November 25. He was asked who he would want to face if he were to enter the ring on a Misfits Boxing card.

Sheeran initially humorously suggested his father as a contender. But he swiftly pivoted, boldly asserting a willingness to face off with Lewis Capaldi.

He stated: “Capaldi. I’d do it. Lewis, f**king have it you c**t.”


Even if it seems implausible that the two performers would ever go into the ring and don gloves, it’s interesting to note Sheeran’s familial ties to the sport. The Yorkshire-born musician’s upbringing was steeped in boxing culture, owing to his grandfather’s involvement as a boxer.

His grandfather not only trained at Britain’s oldest boxing club but also held a position within the British Boxing Board of Control (BBOC).

The possibility of a Sheeran-Capaldi clash remains uncertain. But it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question to see influencers engage in combat in an exhibition bout or something similar, given the evident desire in them to enter the ring.

The convergence of influencers and boxing continues to captivate audiences, with stars like Ed Sheeran expressing interest in stepping into the ring. Whether these musings turn into reality remains to be seen. But the crossover between celebrity status and boxing seems to be an ongoing trend worth keeping an eye on in the realm of entertainment.