Showboater Ben Whittaker gets tagged during a taunt, still manages to drop opponent and win

Ben Whittaker showcased his skills as he secured a convincing victory over Leon Willings in an exciting eight-round match. The bout unfolded on the electrifying Fabio Wardley vs Frazer Clarke undercard at London’s iconic O2 Arena.

Whittaker started the bout with an aggressive stance, demonstrating his intent with each calculated move. Employing a barrage of jabs, Whittaker tactically targeted Willings’ trunk, probing his defenses and prompting his opponent to lower his guard.

He worked that lead with diligence. Then, all of a sudden, he increased the viciousness of his assault. He set up a double jab and implemented a right cross towards the skull.

Whittaker managed to find space to work even though Willings remained patient and refused to give in.

However, Willings displayed great toughness. He quickly got back up on his feet.

As the rounds went on, he kept swallowing massive rights that Whittaker was launching at his head.

Whittaker was unable to refrain from showboating. He sometimes swayed back and forth directly in front of Willings.

Despite this, Whittaker remained focused on his objective. He ended up delivering a relentless onslaught of punishing body shots.

From a cut above Willings’s right eye, blood started to trickle. Whittaker moved forward behind increasingly forceful body blows as Willings gasped for oxygen during the fifth round. He perhaps realized that he was about to tire.

Willings even landed a left hook at Whittaker. But Whittaker hardly batted an eyelid and carried on with his signature style despite a solid hit.

Even as Whittaker delivered more vicious body blows, Willings remained unflappable and continued to strike. This ended up forcing the Olympic silver medalist to persevere.

Despite his valiant efforts, Willings ultimately succumbed to Whittaker’s superior strategy and execution. This ended up cementing Whittaker’s victory in a thrilling showcase of skill and determination.