Shavkat Rakhmonov submits Neil Magny at the buzzer

Rakhmonov continued his winning streak with an impressive performance over Neil Magny.

Magny was the toughest test to date for Rakhmonov who is now 15-0. Straight from the kick off, Rakhmonov wasted no time and took Magny down.

Rakhmonov leveraged top position and alternated between ground and pound and submission attempts. In the end Magny managed to hold him off until round 1 buzzer.

In round two, the two clinched up against the cage. Rakhmonov used it to get a takedown and landed in side control. Rakhmonov seemed to be gearing for a d’arce choke but Magny defended.

Rakhmonov spent a lot of round 2 in half guard. He would occasionally land good ground and pound but majority of the round was uneventful – that is up until the very last seconds. With little time left on the clock, Shavkat pressed Magny’s head down – prompting him to counter. Once Magny countered and postured his head up, Rakhmonov snagged a quick arm in guillotine and with 2 seconds on the clock, Magny tapped.

When all was said and done Rakhmonov called out Wonderboy.