Sean Strickland sends warning to Bryce Hall, after influencer offers to avenge Sneako

Social media sensation Bryce Hall recently took to social media to express his disapproval of Sean Strickland’s controversial sparring session with content creator Sneako. Hall criticized Strickland’s approach and issued a direct challenge for a sparring session of his own.

On February 9, 2024, Sneako found himself in the cage with Strickland during a live stream. Despite initial hesitations, Sneako agreed to spar with Strickland and emphasized a preference for a boxing-focused session.

The disparity in experience became evident as the sparring session unfolded. Sneako ended up taking multiple shots to the head, prompting former UFC champion Forrest Griffin to intervene.

Bryce Hall didn’t mince words when expressing his dissatisfaction with the Strickland-Sneako sparring session. In an interview with Andrew Capucetti on Inside Fighting’s YouTube channel, Hall stated: ”Kind of f*cked up. I would love to spar Sean Strickland.”

Hall further criticized Strickland for what he perceived as the degradation of influencers attempting to enter the world of combat sports. He continued: ”I think he’s like kind of degrading influencers that are trying to get into the fighting space.”

In response to Hall’s criticism, Strickland took to social media. He shared a screenshot of his interaction with Hall.

Strickland’s caption read: ”You all wanna see a dead body??? God this is the only thing I’ve ever wanted…. Please please I never ask you for anything….. please!!!”

Apart from the incident with Sneako, Sean Strickland’s career has been marred by controversial sparring sessions.

Notorious for going too hard during training, Strickland faced backlash after a session with Coltin Cole. The Power Slap League contender had to exit the show due to a rib injury.

Strickland also fulfilled a promise to spar with a fan during UFC 293 open workouts, showcasing a lighter approach during combat sports week for his first championship opportunity.

Another infamous sparring session of Strickland involved the late jiu-jitsu legend Orlando Sanchez at the RVCA training facility.