Sean Strickland roasts Ian Garry: What are you going to do when she’s 60 and you’re 40?

In an surprising turn of events leading up to UFC 297, Sean Strickland unleashed a fiery outburst during the media day. This was sparked by a challenge from the emerging star, Ian Garry.

The tension reached a boiling point when Strickland insulted Garry’s spouse, triggering a fierce retaliation from the rising star. This ended up drawing a response from the middleweight champion.

Known for his unapologetic attitude, Strickland exhibited no remorse for his words. He escalated the situation by questioning Garry’s character and openly expressing his disdain for him.

“The cuck, does he really want to fight me? What a f****** c***. Ian Garry is such a f****** c**t. When you guys interview him, do you ever ask him what are you going to do when she’s 60 and you’re 40? Are you allowed to f*** other women? God, I hate that f****** guy. I hate that f****** guy so much.”

Ian Garry previously responded to Strickland’s provocations, asserting his determination to settle the score inside the octagon. He stated, “Any person who ever talks or mentions me, my wife, or my family in that way, I’m gonna get my hands on them.”

As tensions soar, the narrative surrounding UFC 297 transforms from a typical match buildup to a personal vendetta between Strickland and Garry. This unexpected twist has undoubtedly captured the attention of MMA enthusiasts, guaranteeing a memorable showdown if the two combatants eventually collide in the cage.

Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions and diverse perspectives on the intensifying conflict between the two. Some fans believe Strickland possess the skills to dominate Ian Garry, while others dismissed it as mere trash talk. Also, a segment of combat sports enthusiasts speculated on the potential outcome if the clash were to occur.

Here are some reactions from fight fans:

“It would unironically be such a sick fight, Garry would be trying his angry potato barrage of strikes but Sean would be defending most or all of it.”

“Sean won’t fight Ian.”

“Not even competitive Sean manhandles Garry most 185ers would”