Sean Strickland on WMMA: “I always root for the ugly one”

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland recently sent out a funny tweet that revealed his distinct viewpoint on supporting a certain kind of athlete in mixed martial arts. Strickland said in his viral tweet that he usually supports the unattractive lady in an MMA match.

He tweeted:

MMA fans have responded to this statement in a variety of hilarious ways on social media.

@anmlbhvr7 tweeted:

Apparently in agreement with Sean Strickland’s comparison was another user @GooseUFC:

@izzyst6n expressed similar sentiments:

Twitter user @PelosiParlays took a jab at UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya:

Recently, Strickland has also called out Jones and urged him to abandon his perceived “saint” image.

Throughout his career, Jon Jones has faced numerous personal challenges that have kept him in the headlines. From multiple arrests to positive PED tests and struggles, Jones’s turbulent past has often overshadowed his achievements inside the Octagon.

Despite these setbacks, the UFC champion has consistently emphasized his spiritual connection, proclaiming to have God on his side.

On the first episode of his podcast ‘The Man Dance’ Sean Strickland took direct aim at Jon Jones, daring him to embrace his true personality instead of projecting a virtuous fa├žade. Strickland pulled no punches, expressing his disdain for Jones’s public image.

He said: “My only thing with Jon Jones is he’s just a fake motherf**ker. Mexican Jamie like didn’t he f**king hit a pregnant chick and like break her arm and drive off or some s**t?”

He went on to add: “What f**ks me off with him is the fact that he’s like, ‘Oh no, God loves me, I’m a saint.’ Like no dude, you are a piece of s**t. You are a terrible-terrible human being, you’ve been a terrible human being your entire life. You’ve been tested for ster**ds, d**gs.”