Sean Strickland blasts Ian Garry about ‘Succubus’ wife, Garry threatens to sue

The UFC landscape is no stranger to drama, and recently, the spotlight turned to an intense exchange between two prominent combatants: Sean Strickland and Ian Garry.

The middleweight champion didn’t hold back when discussing Garry’s personal life, particularly his relationship with his wife Layla Anna-Lee.

Strickland has been criticised previously due to his controversial views, particularly with regard to women.

In a Twitter post, he expressed his thoughts on Garry’s marriage to Layla Anna-Lee.

He wrote: “You know I never talk about a fighters girls but f*ck……. I almost feel bad for Ian Garry at this point….. bro your girl is a succubus…. :/ sorry bro it happens to us all once.. You got played…… #wag hope you have a good prenup….”

Strickland didn’t stop there. In a video, he provided further background for his social media post. The middleweight champion said that he sensed a problem immediately after his first meeting with Garry and his wife.

He continues by discussing the peculiar circumstances surrounding their connection that have come to light.

Strickland talked about various aspects of Ian’s relationship –  from age disparities to prior relationships.

“Guys, I never talk about anybody’s spouses but this sh*t ain’t right. It ain’t f*ck*ng right. I got to talk about it. Ian Garry, I remember when I met you dude, it was in New York. You were with this fine a** girl, she had the little nipple coverings.”

“We all f*ck*ng seen it right, everybody f*ck*ng seen it but I remember thinking to myself, there ain’t something right about that girl. There’s something about that woman that ain’t f*ck*ng right.”

“The way she walked, the way she looked, the way she talked, I knew it. Now I’m finding out you’re 26, she’s f*ck*ng 40. The ex f*ck*ng husband lives with you, you took the last name. Motherf*ck*er she wrote a book on how to be a WAG, I didn’t know what a WAG was until now dude.”

“This sh*t ain’t right dude, she’s a succubus. You got to run away bro. Hot girls are a dime a dozen, we’ll get your ring girls, we’ll get you two at the same time bro. You got to pull the rip cord man, it ain’t f*ck*ng right my friend. You got to pull that f*ck*ng rip cord, I’m here for you, the MMA community is here for you to do the right thing Ian Garry.”

Since then, Strickland has made further social media posts. He called out Garry for threatening to sue him and posting screenshots from his direct messages.

“You put a man’s mug shot on a shirt to shame him and then you say you’re going to sue me?!?! Learn how to be a f*cking man.. Were you born without a b*ll sack or did your wife remove them.. coward.. utter f*cking coward”

The heated exchange between Strickland and Garry has generated significant buzz, leaving fans and the MMA community waiting for what happens next.