Sean O’Malley, Michael Bisping insist Paddy Pimblett ‘can not get that fat’

The UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley recently talked about Paddy Pimblett’s huge weigh gain in between fights.

UFC lightweight star (155 lbs) Paddy Pimblett started with the junk food at the post fight press confrence, having consumed copious amounts of pizza. Pimblett is rumored to be around 210lbs (95 kg) weeks after weighing in at 155lbs (70kg). Pimblett previously fought at featherweight (145lbs) and the cut was so severe he vomited blood in the cage after the victory.

The 27-year-old seems to be gorging on food after every victory.

“I’d rather be fat and happy than ripped and not happy [like these fighters].” Pimblett said during the post-fight press conference.

During ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ where he showed up on the screen whilst eating a snack. He also said that he consumed a massive amount of calories in just one day.

“I eat so many calories it’s unbelievable, on Monday I actually gauged what I ate and I had 10,700 calories. That’s without me doing a food challenge, that’s just me being a fat b******.” Pimblett said.

Sean O’Malley recently discussed Pimblett’s eating habits. Duringan episode of his podcast BrO’Malley, the eccentric fighter said that Pimblett’s habits would eventually cause serious problems.

“He was 199 after his fight, right? Dude, it’s just … me and Paddy are boys now through Twitch. He talked a little s**t about me, I talked a little s**t about him. It just happened, it’s whatever. We’re boys now … With that being said, he cannot get that fat after each fight. It’s going to catch up. It’s going to f**king catch up.” O’Malley said.

Sean O’Malley also compared it to himself where he would be too exhausted after fighting inside the octagon.

“I can’t even talk, I get faded after my fights. So scratch that. On the weekends I get f**ked up. I don’t get fat. My weight doesn’t get bad. Just being judgmental, we’re on a podcast.” O’Malley added.

Sean O’Malley is not alone in this. Former Middleweight champion MIchael Bisping previously advised Pimblett to not let his weight fluctuate that much.

“If there’s one piece of advice I could give you, Paddy, and of course you can afford your own path but it’s that, to be honest, when I look back at my career now, I say to my wife all the time i said [ __ ] you know yeah i never missed weight but still i used to let myself get too heavy in between fights a little bit of partying, here and there, as well you do when you’re younger, but as you get older you mature but the the the ballooning of the weight the yo-yo and going up and down… It’s not good for you, it’s not good for a long career and then a lot of the time the cam just becomes about making  weight as well, when it should be about beating them in the the best possible fashion not trying to [ __ ] go out there and run five miles every morning because you’re a fat bastard”

Meanwhile Pimblett said he was close to his kidney shutting down after cutting over 8kg in a sauna back in 2016.

“The night before, I’d cut 19 pounds in a bath, in a sauna. That night of, that morning, when I had to go out – the extra two hours to go and make weight – I couldn’t get in and out of the sauna. I got physically pulled in the sauna and pulled out the sauna. I’ll never forget [coach] Adam saying, ‘If he dies, it’s not on me.’”
He continued:

“And when I fought, I had to cut like 7.7 kilo overnight, which is about 16-17 pound. And I got a DEXA scan that day, and I went and got a DEXA scan the other day. And they can cross-reference them; compare them over. And he said, if a doctor would’ve looked at that DEXA scan, he wouldn’t have let me fight the next day. I was 0.2 kilo away from acute kidney failure and one kilo of water weight away from dying.”

Sean O’Malley defeated Raulan Paiva at UFC 269 last December and earned the Performance of The Night bonus. ‘Sugar’ hasn’t received confirmation about his next opponent. It is likely that Song Yadong, Pedro Munhoz, or another rising star Adrian Yanez would be his next challenger.