Sean O’Malley is boosting his performance in the bed room – with stem cells

Sean O’Malley has jumped to the top of the bantamweight rankings after his rather contentious victory against Petr Yan at UFC 280. O’Malley will soon have the chance to compete for a UFC title but he’s otherwise occupied improving ‘himself’ in another field.

The colorful fan favorite is currently improving his skills in several ways.

O’Malley recently talked about having had  stem cells put into his genitals to aid with his performance in the bed room.

O’Malley told his followers:

“Well it could supposedly help with girth and performance. So I’m like ‘Well, it ain’t the first time I’ve had a needle in my wiener, hit me up doc!’ It hurt worse than I thought it was going to because they said, ‘Oh it won’t hurt that bad.’ We had an option to have a guy do it or a girl do it, I said ‘I want the hot doctor to do it’ and Tim’s like, ‘I want the guy.’”

“She grabbed mine and it started growing right away. I’m like, ‘God dammit, I’m sorry.’ Then the male doctor came in and was like, ‘Want me to hold your hand?’ and my wiener went [down].’”

Curiously, Sean O’Malley said that it wasn’t his first experience with a needle in his nether regions. There are undoubtedly some issues that this revelation raises, but it would be better to keep them between him and the dong doctor.

The P-Stem regimen may aid men in improving erection, sensitivity, and size. The treatment is described on the website Regeneris Medical. It is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for penis rejuvenation paired with ALMITM (autologous lipocyte micronized injection) and fat-derived stem cells.

This straightforward, generally painless procedure rejuvenates the genitals by using growth factors taken from blood, enhancing functioning and feeling.

If this was a sponsor – props to O’Malley for being shameless about it.

O’Malley previously opened up about having an open relationship with his domestic partner with whom he shares a toddler.

  “I like to think of ours as just an open-minded relationship where we don’t own each other. I don’t own her, and she doesn’t own me. When I first met Danya, I told her, ‘I don’t know why anyone would f**k the same chick for the rest of their life, I can’t do that.’ So she knew she wasn’t in love with a phony me.”