Sean O’Malley confirms he’ll be cornering Petr Yan

Sean O’Malley is in the bantamweight division along with Petr Yan which is why it came as a huge surprise that ‘Suga’ would be willing to provide support to Yan during his title shot against Aljamain Sterling.

Yan will not be able to have his usual corner with him.

His Russian team had their visas denied recently. This was first reported by Tass’ Igor Lazorin. Yan can breathe a sigh of relief since his own visa is squared off. In the fall out, many speculated he would be going on to be cornered by countryman Khabib Nurmagomedov. What many might not realize is that there might be a huge cultural gap between the North Russian and Eastern Orthodox Yan – and Dagestani Muslim Khabib.

“Petr, heard you need a corner, bro. Let me know, I’ll be in Vegas or wherever the f**k your fights at, let me know and I’ll corner you, one-two, one-two,” O’Malley said.

Yan went on to confirm the cornerman by tweeting along with that video.

Previously O’Malley offered to be the backup for Yan vs Sterling. He revealed:

“I thought losing to Petr Yan wouldn’t be that big of a loss. I think it would make for an even better rematch after I would earn that back, but I was a hundred percent serious and I know Cory was the front man who I believed deserved the shot over me, but I didn’t know if in that moment if he was healthy and able to. I know Rob Font had COVID, T.J. [Dillashaw] was out, I would have a hundred percent taken that fight if they offered me it.”


No word yet on if the banter between Yan and Cejudo will amount to anything.