Sam Alvey claims Jake Paul wouldn’t spar with him after watching him box Logan Paul

UFC veteran Sam Alvey turned from his epic loss spree in UFC to trying to get a rise out of social media star Jake Paul. Alvey claimed that Jake refused to spar with him after he saw him spar with Logan.

Sam Alvey is known for having the longest winless streak in the UFC. The Former UFC middleweight hasn’t won a single match since 2018 with 8 losses and 1 draw. Fans wondered what made the UFC keep the 36-year-old for such a long time.

Alvey was finally released from the UFC back in August. Despite his bad performance in the octagon, Alvey won fans’ hearts thanks to his fun personality and his big smile. And because of his long winless streak, fans have been joking around saying how Jake would want to book him in the squared circle.

The celebrity boxer is known to pick an easy but popular opponent. Jake is currently undefeated, having boxed several retired famous athletes like Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren to generate PPV buys.

Alvey called out the Paul brothers again during his recent appearance on ‘Talkin MMA’. He told a story in the past where he spared the older brother Logan and that made Jake refuse to spar with him.

“No, they’re garbage. Very athletic, at least Logan. I didn’t get to spar with Jake Paul. And you can tell they both used to be high school wrestling champions or state champions, I think. Like, you can see Logan Paul in the WWE, very athletic.”

“Logan seemed like a nice guy. Jake Paul didn’t want to spar with me after he saw me with Logan. I was being super nice to him. I mean I was the experienced guy, he was the YouTube guy.” Alvey said.

He added, “They didn’t get tired, at least while we were training. They were throwing with a lot of oomph and all that. But there was no footwork, there was no real strategy behind it. That was a long time ago also. This was five or six years ago, so I’m sure they have gotten better since then. But at the time, it was easy work for me.”