Ryan Garcia wants to batter Sneako “worse than Strickland” because he disrespected his faith

Rising boxing star Ryan Garcia has issued a stern warning to controversial internet personality Sneako after feeling disrespected over comments about his religious beliefs. Garcia, who is known for being outspoken about his Catholic faith, took offense to remarks made by Sneako that he perceived as disrespectful.

In an expletive-filled rant caught on camera, Garcia challenged Sneako to a sparring session, threatening to “knock you out cold” and vowing to do worse damage than what UFC’s former champ Sean Strickland recently delivered. While he refrained from cursing directly, Garcia’s anger was palpable.

“You can come see me if you want to come with that disrespect again,” Garcia exclaimed. “I’m going to show you what it is and I’m going to do you worse than Sean Strickland. I’m going to knock you out cold.”

The 24-year-old boxer from Victorville, California has been open about letting his faith guide his career and life decisions. Any ridicule or mockery of his religious convictions seems to be a sore spot that Garcia does not take lightly.

While the specific comments from Sneako that set Garcia off remain unclear, the boxer has put the internet personality on notice. He has challenged Sneako to put “the cameras on” for a sparring session where Garcia intends to back up his words with actions.

Garcia’s willingness to step into the ring with Sneako, who has no professional boxing experience, underscores just how serious the undefeated boxer takes his faith. With a record of 23-0 including 19 knockouts, Garcia certainly has the skills to make good on his threats against Sneako if they do meet up.

This is just the latest instance of Garcia’s passion and temper intersecting. Earlier this year, he had to be restrained during a confrontation with Gervonta Davis after accusing the fellow boxer of withdrawing from a planned fight. Garcia’s disdain for any perceived disrespect seems to override any concerns about acting on his emotions.