Ryan Garcia responds to Shia LaBeouf’s ‘hate’ following the boxer’s announcement of divorce and birth of child in the same post

Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf recently named Gervonta Davis as his favorite boxer. He also took aim at Ryan Garcia for allegedly abandoning his wife immediately after childbirth.

Garcia did not like Labeouf’s criticism on him on social media and retaliated against the actor.

Garcia and Davis are no strangers to a fierce rivalry. The two engaged in a gripping showdown last April, a battle etched in boxing history. Davis eventually ended up winning by seventh-round knockout. Both sides engaged in a great deal of trash-talking leading up to their clash.

It should come as no surprise that Garcia still finds Davis to be a touchy issue, given their past. In a recent interview with Carl Froch, Labeouf was asked about his favourite boxer.

Amidst LaBeouf’s admiration for Davis, he didn’t shy away from expressing disdain for Garcia. He said: “Right now? Gervonta Davis. [He’s a bad boy, isn’t it?] Yeah, it’s probably that. He’s electrifying… I don’t like that Ryan guy at all, I hate him. I don’t hate him, I don’t hate nobody, but I don’t respect him… I heard his story about his girl got pregnant, gave birth and then he divorced her the next day… Dawg, wait a minute, she just got out the hospital room.”

In a heartfelt post accompanied by a tender photo of his newborn child, Ryan Garcia talked about the birth of his son. He showed immense affection and pride as a new father. Expressing his deep love for the newborn, Garcia revealed that the labor process lasted a short eight minutes.

Surprisingly within an hour of the announcement, Ryan Garcia returned to social media with another significant revelation. He talked about his divorce with his wife Andrea Celina.

In a since-deleted post, Garcia expressed his emotions about this decision.

Not one to back down, Garcia swiftly countered LaBeouf’s comments on social media. In a post, he shared a clip of LaBeouf’s critique and fired back by challenging the Hollywood star to a hypothetical showdown.

He said: “Imagine me beating Shia Labeouf’s a**, ima really transform him to pudding. You don’t know me, clown. How the heck you hate me? You can’t rap either. You aren’t like that.”