Ryan Garcia goes instagram official with new girlfriend, announces he’s training her for her boxing debut, seeking 500k

Boxing icon Ryan Garcia has taken a bold step in his personal and professional life. He recently parted ways with his wife Drea Celina.

Garcia had last month filed for divorce from his wife immediately after the birth of their second child. This marked the end of one chapter in his life.

On the other hand, Garcia is now in a new romantic relationship with model Mikaela Testa. Garcia also aims to transform his newfound love into a boxing sensation. He is already demanding $500k for her first bout.

Garcia’s social media posts have been buzzing with his affectionate declarations for Testa. He boldly stated in a post: “Look this is my baby, MY QUEEN BELIEVE THAT!! 👸 Stop judging her is she perfect no. But are you? THOUGHT SO. I love her so stop hating. Btw, I’m training her to fight and I’m willing to put her against whoever on @misfitsboxing and if you feel you can take her tag your self In it and I’ll set up a fight and you’ll walk away with a bag. No less then 500,000$ and percentage of PPV if it makes sense. @mikkimouse404”

Despite the bold declarations, Garcia faced backlash for his new post with his boyfriend. This prompted him to respond to disgruntled fans.

He responded: “Bro what’s up with Yall? I can’t ft my girl and post it??? This is social media, where you share your life. I’m not worried about nobody and what they post. It’s all good. If you don’t like her then that’s on you. I’m just being me”

The boxer is currently preparing for his own upcoming match against Haney on April 20th. As Garcia gears up for his bout against Haney, questions arise about his ability to balance training for his upcoming match and teaching boxing to his new girlfriend.