Rungwittaya’s leg was destroyed after four rounds with Nadaka Yoshinari

In a recent Muay Thai match, an astonishing injury unfolded as a result of a barrage of leg kicks. The athlete’s thigh bore the brunt of the repeated strikes, leaving it severely bruised and marked.

The recipient of this injury is Nadaka Yoshinari, a 22-year-old professional Muay Thai competitor hailing from Japan. Having debuted in 2015, Yoshinari has established himself as a prominent figure in the sport, participating in various organizations, including the renowned Rizin FF.

Yoshinari recently stepped back into the ring to defend his Rajadamnern Stadium flyweight title. His opponent was none other than Rungwittaya Lookchaomaesaitong, and their encounter took place at the Rajadamnern World Series (RSW) event on August 12 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The match showcased an intense showdown, with both athletes exhibiting formidable strength and an apparent resistance to pain. Their relentless exchanges encompassed powerful punches and bone-cracking kicks, each vying to overpower the other.

As the rounds unfolded, Yoshinari’s dominance became increasingly evident. While Lookchaomaesaitong began to show signs of fatigue, Yoshinari maintained his agility and precision. He maintained constant pressure, delivering impactful and accurate strikes to his opponent.

The extensive leg kicks that Lookchaomaesaitong endured took a toll, leading to a severe bruising of his right thigh by the middle rounds. The outer aspect of his right thigh displayed a mosaic of black and reddish bruises, bearing testament to the ferocity of the leg kicks he received. Undeterred, Lookchaomaesaitong pressed forward, demonstrating his unwavering determination.

Despite Lookchaomaesaitong’s commendable perseverance, Yoshinari ultimately gained the upper hand. During the fourth round, Yoshinari unleashed a formidable combination, causing Lookchaomaesaitong to be knocked down and securing his victory through a technical knockout.

This victory marked Yoshinari’s successful defense of the Rajadamnern Stadium flyweight title, a feat achieved for the first time since his triumph against Waewwaw Wor.Klinpathum the previous month. Additionally, his winning streak extended to an impressive 23 consecutive victories.

Subsequently, Lookchaomaesaitong’s injury garnered significant attention on social media platforms. A detailed image of his severely bruised thigh circulated online, eliciting empathetic reactions from fans who could empathize with the excruciating pain associated with receiving such intense leg kicks. Fortunately, despite the striking visual, bruises typically constitute minor injuries that tend to heal relatively swiftly.

The comments from concerned viewers on social media ranged from astonishment to empathy:

“Unbelievable… just cut it off.”
“Was it worth it?”
“He couldn’t walk after that, surely.”
“Reshaped that quad like a platter of delicacies.”
“Reduced to minced meat.”
“Rungwittaya’s leg after a four-round bout with Nadaka Yoshinari.”
This incident serves as a potent reminder of the physical demands and challenges faced by athletes within the world of combat sports.