Rose Namajunas fires shots at critics in wordy exchange: “I almost beat her WITH ONE HAND”

Rose Namajunas has chosen to address a YouTube video that scrutinized her decision to transition to the flyweight division.

The video in question, posted by the CSH Combat Sports channel, delved into Namajunas’ recent flyweight debut against Manon Fiorot and the subsequent loss.

On September 2nd, these two engaged in a fierce battle as the co-main event of UFC FN 226. Over three grueling rounds, Namajunas faced overwhelming opposition from Fiorot. The match turned notably bloody following a head clash in the second round. To compound matters, Namajunas also suffered a broken pinky finger (which turned out to be dislocated, not broken) during her initial attempts to punch Fiorot in the first round. This injury hindered her overall performance, ultimately leading to her defeat via unanimous decision.

In the YouTube video, an MMA enthusiast opined that Namajunas’ diminutive size relative to the flyweight division played a pivotal role in her loss. This perspective has found agreement among some fans, given Fiorot’s apparent height and size advantage.

The YouTuber didn’t stop there. They also highlighted other potential factors contributing to Namajunas’ defeat, including alleged questionable advice from her fiancĂ©, Pat Barry. Specifically, Barry’s suggestion that Namajunas could fight on despite her finger injury raised eyebrows. The YouTuber argued that as Namajunas’ cornerman, Barry should have devised an alternate game plan that took her injury into account.

Despite not garnering substantial fan attention, Namajunas stumbled upon the video and felt compelled to respond. She defended her decision to move up to flyweight, emphasizing that she no longer had any interest in competing in the strawweight division. In her view, there was nothing left for her to achieve in that weight class.

Regarding Fiorot’s physical advantages, Namajunas didn’t view them as insurmountable obstacles. She pointed out that both she and Fiorot had comparable reach, and she didn’t feel physically overpowered. However, Namajunas did concede that her broken finger significantly impacted the outcome of the match, suggesting that things might have unfolded differently if not for the injury.

Namajunas also offered a spirited defense of her fiancĂ©, Pat Barry. She believed that Barry’s encouragement to persist in the fight was the right call, as she herself was seeking a way to persevere.

Namajunas had previously clarified that her decision to transition to the flyweight division was largely driven by the challenges of making weight. She has unequivocally stated that she will not return to the strawweight division in the future.