Rory MacDonald racks up another loss in PFL, Askren suggests time to retire

In order to find out who will proceed to the welterweight and heavyweight tournament finals,  PFL 8 show was held on August 13, 2022.

Rory MacDonald’s dreams of making it to the 2022 PFL final were crushed when Dilano Taylor dropped him and ended him with follow-up punches on the ground. At the 3:59 mark of the first round, the MacDonald bout against Taylor came to an end.

As of this writing, MacDonald has a two-win, four-loss record overall in the PFL.

In April 2021, MacDonald made his professional debut with the organization by defeating Curtis Millender by first-round rear-naked choke. Following that, MacDonald was defeated by Gleison Tibau in a very contentious split decision at PFL 5 in June of that same year. At PFL 7, MacDonald lost to Ray Cooper III by a unanimous decision to end that season.

Ben Askren is considering Rory MacDonald’s options after the Canadian’s recent streak of misfortunes.

Ben Askren is an active user of Twitter and maintains a careful watch on the most recent sporting events. He tweets his opinions in real-time. In his analysis of the most recent loss suffered by the former UFC welterweight world championship contender, Askren stated:

“Damn PFL has been rough for Rory, drops another one. I know he isn’t that old, but prob time for him to find another professional.”

Askren wasn’t the only one to express concern over Rory Mac with another MMA insider sharing an interesting comparison.


“Rory MacDonald is the same age as Israel Adesanya and two years younger than Jose Aldo. Fight years are a brutal, brutal thing.”

“Rory MacDonald just got finished in Round 1 for the first time in his career against Dilano Taylor. Big questions about his future now. His PFL run as been pretty abysmal.”