Ronda Rousey Calls Out Wrestler for Inappropriate Behavior in WWE Locker Room

Ronda Rousey has raised concerns regarding the inappropriate incidents she experienced during her WWE tenure. Recently, while promoting her upcoming book “Our Fight,” Rousey openly expressed her disapproval towards WWE Chief Vince McMahon for condoning such misconduct.

In a candid interview with News Nation, Rousey recounted a disturbing encounter with fellow wrestler Drew Gulak in the locker room. She narrated how, without any warning or consent, Gulak unexpectedly grabbed the string of her sweatpants as she passed by. The unsettling part was that no one else present seemed to find this behavior unusual. Rousey questioned the appropriateness of such actions, wondering if they would have occurred had her husband been by her side.

The incident left Rousey feeling uneasy and raised broader concerns about the treatment of female wrestlers in the WWE backstage environment. She emphasized the need to address such prevalent inappropriate behavior, shedding light on the possible mistreatment faced by other female colleagues behind closed doors.

Rousey’s revelation has sparked a wave of support from fans, who are calling on WWE to take action following her allegations against Drew Gulak. The demand for accountability in the wrestling industry is growing, with fans expressing zero tolerance for any form of unwarranted advances or misconduct towards women wrestlers.

As the wrestling community awaits WWE’s response, Rousey’s courage in speaking out against such behavior serves