Robert De Niro’s had 7th child with kung fu champ with 40+ gold medals

Robert De Niro recently revealed that he welcomed his seventh child at the age of 79, and the mother is a popular martial artist with a stellar reputation who has won dozens of title matches.

De Niro has not yet disclosed the identity of his youngest child’s mother. However, it is rumored that he has been dating 45-year-old Tiffany Chen.

Robert and Tiffany are believed to have met on the set of the 2015 film ‘The Intern’. In the movie, Tiffany played the role of a martial arts instructor teaching Tai Chi moves to Anne Hathaway and Robert’s characters.

The pair were first spotted holding hands in August 2021. They were on a boat ride in the south of France and were celebrating De Niro’s 78th birthday. The two were then seen together once again in July 2022, this time on a beach in Spain.

They were last seen together exiting a dinner date at a Santa Monica restaurant in March of this year. Tiffany appeared to have a baby bump at the time.

Tiffany Chen is a world-champion full-contact competitor with an impressive 43 gold medals to her name, almost half of which come from international or world titles. She is the daughter of William C.C. Chen, a renowned Grandmaster of Tai Chi Chuan.

At 16, she entered her first push-hands competition and subsequently joined her father’s sparring class, where she learned combat sports. At 26, Tiffany was inducted into the Inside Kung Fu magazine Hall of Fame as Competitor of the Year. The same publication awarded her Woman of the Year in 2011.

When asked about her success, Tiffany credits it to the quality of the people around her. She said: “I surround myself with generous, beautiful people. Quality people are rarely surrounded by individuals who aren’t motivating factors or inspirational to them.”

While promoting his new comedy movie ‘About My Father’, Robert acknowledged that he had discreetly welcomed his seventh kid. When the reporter questioned him about what it was like to be a parent of six, he said to ET Canada: “Seven actually. I just had a baby.”

Robert then told Page Six at the premiere that he wasn’t shocked to have children again at the age of 79. After stating that the pregnancy was ‘planned,’ he added: “How you could not plan that kind of thing?”

Robert De Niro first became a father in 1971 when he adopted his first wife’s daughter, Drena. He then had twin boys named Julian and Aaron who are now 27 years old. He had them with his ex-partner Toukie Smith.

In 1997, Robert married Grace Hightower. During their 20-year marriage, the couple had a son named Elliot, who is now 25. They also had a daughter named Helen, who is 11.