Juice Revealed ? Paulo Costa reveals part of ingredient list for Secret Juice

In lead up to UFC 278, Paulo Costa was irked by USADA demanding they take a blood test just a couple hours before weigh ins.

Paulo Costa has retaliated yelling out USADA during weigh ins – all while carrying a mock bottle of ‘secret juice’.

Juice is a well known euphemism in the world of pro grappling and lifting for – well juicing ie using PEDs.

After the fact, Costa’s secret juice became a common topic with Costa going so far as to say that he can’t reveal the contents of the bottle because then he would have to change the name from secret juice to revealed juice.

Recently Costa talked a bit with his sponsors, the infamous crypto currency Marshall Rogan Inu. In a talk with them Costa revealed some of the infamous ingredients of his Secret Juice.

“Paolo what’s in that secret juice you carry around?”

“The secret juice makes a lot of difference in my life. Mike, my activity wise, is not just a meme. I need to make sure this for you guys. I really use secret juice, you guys saw a big bottle you know because I made that big one to the whole day. I put all the ingredients there”

“We have kokum, we have ginger, lemon, and some of other stuff that is secret. That’s why it’s secret but yes, this makes me feel good. And I hope I can bring this out for everybody you know take a chance to have secret juice.This help you with inflammatory things help you”