Representation Claims MMA Fighter That Was Sending Death Threats On Twitter Was Hacked

Representation of one Michael Graves is working overtime after his twitter account made very public threats toward member of MMA media Amy Kaplan both in DMs and in – his public tweet timeline. At the time the timeline had no other indications that the twitter was hijacked. As a reminder, Kaplan tweeted in defense of domestic abuse victims – and especially the kids whose parents were abusive when she received these:



Graves had been released by the UFC when he was charged for domestic violence and had since gone on to become a champion of Titan FC. Titan FC was eager to distance themselves from Graves in light of these twitter threats and had issued a statement saying they did not employ Graves and had no plans to feature him in future.

Michael Graves’ twitter has since gone MIA – suspended, deactivated or otherwise. However an interesting news started circulating today on MMA twitter. According to reporter Eric Kowal the police report had been filed to indicate that the social media accounts of Graves had been hacked. David Arvelo at First Round Management claimed Graves had no access to his social media.

Over at we had speculated that hacking was a possibility when the original article was published however due to the personal nature of the post that triggered the death threats – and due to Graves’ troubling personal history we believe this to be more of an attempt to clean up the situation than a valid case of hacking. Graves’ account featured a number of tweets related to him and his girlfriend, a fellow MMA fighter working out. And the location referenced in some of the tweet threats seemed to correspond with the location where the girlfriend and he were tagged at times.

Reporter who was threatened Amy Kaplan, gave her own side of this epilogue saying:

In fairness to Graves, we haven’t seen the picture of Graves with the knife but we did see a number of threats that seemed to indicate a very real desire to turn a twitter beef into a real life conflict.

In addition to this, one of the tweets references Toledo, Ohio –  a location where his rumored girlfriend Marina “No Mercy” Coffman resides – and a twitter account he’s interacted with repeatedly in 2021 on twitter.

And here’s an instagram post of the two of them doing padwork – one that we’d also seen him interact with on twitter prior to the account being banned/deleted: