Report: Joe Rogan’s Spotify Deal $200 Million, More Than First Reported

The battle between Joe Rogan and friends against his adversaries is still raging on. But in the midst of the controversies, a new report surfaced that will make the anti-Rogans enraged.

What could possibly make Joe Rogan’s contenders more agitated these days after all the controversies surrounding the 54-years old? Well, probably learning that Rogan has TWICE the amount of money than that previously reported.

That’s right, in the latest report by The New York Times, a pair of anonymous sources revealed that Rogan is making roughly $200 million to stream his famous podcast The Joe Rogan Experience exclusively on Spotify. The deal covers three and a half years dating to when the deal was first signed in May 2020.

Joe Rogan hasn’t put any statements about the new report so far.

It’s originally reported that Spotify bought the exclusive right for The Joe Rogan Experience for $100 million–which already making Rogan the highest-paid podcaster in the world.

But being the biggest podcast in the world also took its toll as these past recent weeks, the longtime UFC color commentator was facing a huge backlash from some of his episodes that were deemed misleading about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines by various parties including scientists, celebrities, and musicians.

This leads to demands from several musicians like Neil Young, Graham Nash, and many others to Spotify to remove their music from the massive streaming platform.

The controversies escalated when a couple of montages about him saying racial slur ‘N-word’ in multiple different occasions emerged. This invites more figures to criticize Rogan, especially from the Black community.

The former Fear Factor host has released an apology video since then with many applauding him for admitting his mistakes in the past.

Rogan also took an absence from the commentary booth during UFC 271 last week. It was initially reported that Rogan was unable to fill in the commentary due to “scheduling conflict”, but the UFC president Dana White shot down the report and told the media that Rogan chose not to work that day.