Rapper Spanian preparing for a professional MMA debut after a stint in Australia’s toughest jail

The popular social media personality Spanian has stated he is training for a professional MMA bout and will get instruction from a “very well known international kickboxer.”

The Sydney rapper released a video of himself working out on a heavy bag and informed his Instagram followers that he was getting ready to compete in the combat sport.

“Alright lads I been keeping this dark for a while now, you’re probably noticing me getting skinnier down to 109kg now. I have been preparing by myself to start professional training to fight in MMA,” he stated.

“I’m almost certain that I begin this week with a very well known international kickboxer that I always admired as my coach (you will find out soon).”

“I have never had kickboxing coaching before or any coaching for that matter and if you read my book you would know that everything is jail taught and at one point in my life it was a dream of mine.”

“I have decided to do this at this point to show not only everyone that I inspire but my self that nothing is too late.. I’m 36.. I grew up a drug addict.. I wasted away in jail.. imagine I can step foot in a gym for the first time at 36 and possibly be good.”

The 36-year-old continued by claiming that he is not preparing for some “bulls**t” event pitting him against influencers of  YouTube or TikTok. Instead, he would be working out twice daily for six days a week in order to pursue his goals.

The contentious ex-con spent a significant portion of his life in prison for a variety of offences in some of Australia’s worst prisons. He was raised on the streets of inner-city Sydney in the 1990s.

Spanian has discussed his struggles, claiming that he was “high 24/7.”

He said that his enlightenment and decision to stop didn’t occur until he was passing a mirror in Junee Correctional Center.

“[It happened] out of nowhere. I did a double take and I saw me for what I was.”

“I don’t know who gave me that insight, I don’t know if it was God or if I was in the middle of a f***ing beneficial psychosis.”

“I looked at myself and I thought ‘you’re a mess.”

In a social media series called Hood Logic, Spanian initially became famous for his stories about his previous life and his transformation from a criminal to influencer.