Rapper Rick Ross laughs off Masvidal’s ‘King of Miami’ claim

Renowned hip-hop artist Rick Ross recently shared his thoughts on the widely acclaimed nickname ‘King of Miami’ given to MMA legend Jorge Masvidal. Despite Masvidal’s popularity and achievements, the 48-year-old celebrity humorously shrugged off the title during Logan Paul’s podcast.

Jorge Masvidal boasts a two-decade-long professional mixed martial arts career. Beginning with backyard brawls in Miami, Masvidal’s journey led him to headline international UFC events.

Masvidal won the first-ever UFC BMF belt during his MMA career. In addition, he has made two different challenges for the undisputed UFC welterweight championship.

Hip-hop icon Rick Ross recently discussed a wide range of subjects during an interview on YouTuber and WWE star Logan Paul’s Impaulsive show. Ross ultimately rose to prominence in the Miami rap culture over time.

Regarding that, podcast co-host Mike Majlak asked Rick Ross whether he really thinks of himself as the “King of Miami.” Majlak said that Masvidal believes Ross does not deserve the honorific title.

Responding with a touch of sarcasm, Ross questioned: “Who is that?”

Majlak then referenced Masvidal’s memorable five-second knockout against Ben Askren. Ross then responded: “Man, if he did a knee, congratulations. I mean, you did a knee. You know what I’m saying? Shoutout to Jorge. He did the knee. You know what I’m saying? Shoutout to George, man. I heard you did the knee.”

After losing to Gilbert Burns by unanimous decision at UFC 287 in April 2023, Jorge Masvidal officially announced his retirement from mixed martial arts career. But in the months that followed, there was a lot of speculation in the combat sports world over the possibility of Masvidal returning to dominate the sport.

Ariel Helwani revealed last month (January 2024) that Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz were in talks to compete in boxing. The reported confrontation is apparently going to happen later this year. Helwani went on to say that Diaz’s agent Zach Rosenfield did neither corroborate or refute the claims.