Rafael Fiziev headed for a nose job following RDA victory

Rafael Fiziev just scored one of the biggest wins of his career. Ahead of the bout Rafael Dos Anjos had more losses than Fiziev had overall fights – hence he was vastly more experienced.

Dos Anjos had put on a good show and valiant effort but he was bested in round 5 when a heavy shot from Fiziev dropped him and prompted the referee to cut in.

While some fans questioned the stoppage, RDA did not confirming afterwards it was good. Recently an alternative angle confirmed as much.

After the fact, Fiziev published a clip where he expresses concerns that his nose is broken.

Ariel Helwani confirmed the reports, saying that a surgery was required.
“Rafael Fiziev needs nose surgery, sources say. He’ll be getting that done tomorrow, I’m told. Hoping to return November/December.”

Gaethje is also getting a nose surgery and also said he aims to return in December. This is lining up perfectly with the Fiziev’s post fight call out.

“I want a fight with Gaethje, like for real,” Fiziev told reporters at the post-fight presser for UFC Vegas 58. “Nadal is funny … but Gaethje, if he wants to fight –what camera do I need to [look at]? yeah, this one. …”

Fiziev shifted directly to a reporter’s camera.

“If you want to fight, one more guy with yellow hairs, we need to know who’s the best for you and for me,” he continued. “If you’re ready, if you’re not scared, if you don’t take s***, let’s go.”

“I think he makes my face the same like this, maybe more hard,” Fiziev said. “He’s dangerous. He’s a big challenge for me. He has a lot of chance to knock me out, and I have a lot of chance to knock him out. But yeah, that’s a good fight, for fans also.

“He have s*** kicks, but he has good power in his hands.”