Provocative Boxing champ Ebanie Bridges wants to box Tyson Fury: ‘Everybody is getting a shot now’

Fury really felt he was the greatest boxer in history after his second victory against Deontay Wilder. He has been making unreasonable demands and disrespecting deserving opponents, diminishing the reputation he once held.

Tyson Fury essentially turned into a parody of the warrior he was not even a year ago. However, Bridges has finally stepped forward as a certified figure within the boxing community.

She shed light on the absurdity surrounding Fury’s actions and raises concerns about his reluctance to face worthy challengers.

Following Tyson Fury’s latest announcements that unknown Australian challengers would be his next opponents, Ebanie Bridges took to Twitter to express her skepticism and disbelief. She echoed the sentiments shared by many, suggesting that Fury might be deliberately avoiding formidable opponents. Bridges referred to the accusations made by Oleksandr Usyk, who also accused Fury of evading title defenses.

Through her social media platform, Bridges boldly pointed out Fury’s apparent lack of interest in defending his titles. Her remarks carried a humorous undertone, as she jokingly suggested that everyone now has a chance to compete against Tyson Fury.

Ebanie Bridges conveyed her thoughts on the matter through a tweet, highlighting the attention given to Fury by the promotion in Australia. She expressed surprise at the sudden interest shown by Australian competitors Demsey McKean and Jai Opetai in challenging Fury. Bridges couldn’t help but question whom else Fury had made promises to and engaged in talks with.

She tweeted:

Bridges also made a bold request by openly calling for a match against Fury and even urged him to send her a contract.

Fury has been flirting with MMA stars and reluctant to engage either Ruiz or Usyk due to their demands. Of course he could be just playing the field until the rumored Saudi Arabia tournament shapes up. That one is sure to have an insane budget.

Fury is still restrained by the travel ban due to his association with Daniel Kinehan – making him unable to box in the US.