Promotion stages Hockey fights without the Hockey? A look at hilarious new promotion ‘Ice Wars’

Ice wars boasts of calling itself ‘the most extreme combat sport ever invented’. In reality it’s a bit of a gimmicky premise – watch the hockey fight on ice with MMA gloves – and without the hockey.

As per event’s official page all bouts consist of two one minute rounds on ice. Plenty to get the action going.

Last night’s card was featured on Fite tv and had captured quite a bit of attention from the MMA fandom despite it going up against a UFC fight night card.

The event event pitted two brothers against each other with Jordan and Ben Kennedy.

Gimmicks have been common in MMA as of late – from the Brazilian promotion that staged a bout between wheelchair bound competitors to the several weird Russian promotions that feature everything from face off clashes to two on one match ups. But this one is at least rooted in something more popular – Hockey.

What do you think? Would you watch ice wars?