Pop boxer Elle Brooke wants to face Ronda Rousey

Elle Brooke is a rising star in combat sports and is making waves with her unbeaten record of three wins. The 25-year-old has two unanimous decisions and one finish, most recently defeating Aleksandra Daniel in the quarterfinals of the Kingpyn competition.

But Brooke has her sights set on a new challenge – a showdown with none other than Ronda Rousey in WWE. The former MMA champion retired from the sport in 2016, after defeats by Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes.

Rousey then moved on to become a full-fledged WWE superstar. Rousey has since won the 2022 Royal Rumble and has also won multiple Smackdown and Raw women’s titles.

Ronda Rousey is widely regarded as one of the greatest female competitors in the history of MMA. She first made waves in Strikeforce, winning the bantamweight title in 2012. After moving to the UFC, she became the first-ever UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and defended her title six times, each time through armbar submission.

Rousey’s career suffered a setback in 2015 when she lost her title to Holly Holm. She then retired from MMA following a loss to Amanda Nunes with a 12-2 record in 2016.

Despite her admiration for Rousey’s achievements, Elle Brooke is keen to test herself against the former MMA champion. In a recent interview with LegalSportBook, Brooke expressed her desire to compete against Rousey in WWE.

Brooke stated: “I was never a religious WWE fan but I knew what it was obviously and I’d absolutely love to do it. I’d love to fight Ronda Rousey one day. I’m not at her level right now but that’s something to work towards – that’s if she’d ever fight me.”

She continued by saying that she may not be well-known enough yet to compete against Ronda Rousey in the squared circle.

“She’d probably want millions and I’m probably not famous enough to do that. But the sky’s the limit! I watch a lot of wrestling clips on my TikTok feed and I think it’s so impressive what they can do. It doesn’t look too aggressive, they’re not trying to kill each other like in the UFC! That’s not for me. I don’t fancy an elbow to the face.”