Police report reveals UFC vet Anthony Rocco Martin charged with simple assault after threatening police officer

Lee County Sheriff’s Public Information Office released a report regarding the arrest of UFC veteran Anthony Rocco Martin.

Anthony Rocco Martin has become quite troublesome. The 33-year-old was released from the UFC in 2020 after suffering a loss against Neil Magny at UFC 250. After that, Martin seemed to spiral.

According to his own account, he had a severe case of staph that threatened to derail his career and life permanently. He spent two years outside of the cage.

This isn’t Martin’s first brush with the law. Martin was arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly urinating in a casino hallway and punching a security officer in November of 2021. Both charges against Martin were considered misdemeanors and were later dropped.

Martin was with the UFC from 2014 until June of 2020. He had an MMA record consisting of 18 wins and 6 losses. Martin was released after a loss to Neil Magny. Prior to that his highest profile match up was against Demian Maia in 2019. Maia was considered a gate keeper for the division at the time and a loss to a 41 year old BJJ specialist didn’t look too good.

Martin has wins over Sergio Moraes, Jake Matthews and Ramazan Emeev.

Martin’s arrest was an obscure piece of info nobody was really aware of until Martin went on a tweet spree explaining that he plans to do a reveal regarding former lover Kayla Harrsion, her manager and boxer Tyrone sponge.

Accounts allegedly linked to Dominance MMA went on to say Martin was worse than ‘War machine’ and even alleged he had stolen as much as $300,000 from Harrison.

Of course, if you’re familiar with the War Machine case, this might seem as a bit of an exaggeration. Which is how MMA media went on looking for the police report regarding the December arrest.

Lee County Sheriff’s Public Information Office provided a report (as seen on cagepsidepress ) containing the details of the incident. According to that report, there was an abandoned 911 call so Lee County officers headed there to investigate.

They encountered a black Ford where a woman sat there “crying, [and] at that time told [a Lee County Deputy] she just wanted to leave.”

“While speaking to [unidentified female], a white male exited the home and approached Deputies who were in the front yard. The male was later identified as Anthony Rocco Martin, born on 12/11/1989. Martin appeared inebriated and stated to law enforcement, ‘get off my f*cking property right now.’ Martin was told Deputies were in the course of an active investigation, Martin approached [a Lee County Deputy] and [a second Lee County Deputy] stating, ‘I don’t care, and If you touch me, I will kick your *ss.’” The report reads.

The report continued to explain how Martin kept being aggressive by yelling and shouting inappropriate words such as, “I hate cops and you can suck my d*ck.” Due to that, Martin was restrained and handcuffed. Even after that, Martin was still insulting the officers.

“Due to Martin’s aggressive behavior, [Deputy 1] placed Martin in hand restraints, for officer safety concerns due to Martin’s continuous attempts to square up face to face, in an aggressive posture with Deputies. While restrained, [Deputy 1] heard Martin state to [Deputy 2], ‘you think you’re a bad man, If you take me out of these cuffs’ I will kick your ass.’”

The officers had to be extra careful after learning that Martin is a professional mixed martial artist and could do harm.

“It should be noted that due to these statements, [Deputy 2] was in fear of physical harm from Martin.” The report reads.

Despite not attacking them physically, Martin’s threats were enough to warrant his arrest for Simple Assault.

“Due to Martin threatening by word to do physical harm, with the apparent ability to carry out that threat, while Deputies on scene were in the lawful course of duty, decorated in patrol uniforms, and marked patrol vehicles that indicated the lawful authority of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, with the offender acknowledging the that deputies present were indeed law enforcement officers, Martin was placed under lawful arrest pursuant to FSS 784.07:
assault on law enforcement etc.” The report reads.