Police raided Andrew Tate during a livestream to ensure he hasn’t escaped Romania

During a recent Rumble livestream, the Romanian police arrived  at the residence of Andrew and Tristan Tate. This unanticipated visit was due to concerns about the duo potentially attempting to flee the country while their trial remains pending.

Andrew and Tristan Tate were arrested by Romania’s anti-organized crime forces in December 2022. Subsequently, they were released from police custody and house arrest. However, the authorities have restricted them from departing the country.

Andrew expressed his desire to visit his ailing mother in the UK during the Christmas season. Regrettably, Romanian officials declined his travel request.

While streaming on Rumble, the Tates noticed police vehicles arriving at their residence through the CCTV feed. Amidst this unexpected turn, Tristan interacted with the authorities.

On the other hand, Andrew seemed unfazed. He started singing Christmas jingle with the lyrics altered: “Dashing through the snow, they put me back into jail. I’ve done nothing wrong, that’s the truth. I’ll sit with Tristan, staring at the wall. I don’t know why the police are here but we’ll find out after all.”

Upon Tristan’s return, Andrew inquired about the purpose of the authorities’ visit and humorously said if he should get his “jail bag.”


Tristan voiced his frustration, claiming the police visit was based on a false rumor suggesting his intent to flee the country. He accused the authorities of orchestrating a “setup” after refusing their request to visit their mother.

Tristan Tate later wrote about the incident on Twitter:

“They rejected my request to see my mother in the hopes I will flee.

Fleeing means they can lock me back in jail.

After rejecting me they sent the cops to check I am home.

These are VERY sick and desperate people.

Innocent men don’t flee.”

As of now, the Tate brothers continue to reside in Romania. They are permitted to move freely within the country but are barred from leaving its borders. Their trial is anticipated to occur sometime around 2025. The two have been accused of severe charges, including human trafficking and ra*e.