Podcaster True Geordie comes out and outs Paddy Pimblett for asking to be paid for an interview

Ariel Helwani has been dismayed to hear Pimblett characterize him as materialistic – and has come out with the receipts showing Pimblett courted him for an appearance on his MMA show but then had manager ask for payment.

This is unheard of in the world of actual journalism.

Pimblett went ahead and doubled down on alleged lies – and claimed he messaged Helwani hoping to hang out instead of do an interview. And even went on another channel and claimed that he will provide receipts after UFC 282 proving that Helwani was lying.

“So, you know, we know it’s bothered him. He’s out to lie and make himself look good. Readin’ our private messages but we’ll address this after the fight. Me and me manager don’t you worry. We’ve got all the stuff there and he’s going to look like an idiot.”

“Yes, the voice memo where they said you want to meet or didn’t once mention in an interview, said, do you want to meet or so like have a drink or absence? I was like a friend. But, you know, either he obviously never saw me as a friend that I showed him as a friend. He only ever saw me at pound signs and dollar signs. I was always just a commodity to him. ”

UFC 282 came and went and the receipts are nowhere to be found.

And in the fall out from the scandal, Podcaster True Geordie went ahead and confirmed that he too was asked about compensating Pimblett for an appearance on his popular podcast.

On a recent podcast, Geordie referred to Pimblett and Boylan’s justifications as “BS.”

Geordie explained,

“What they’ve tried to do now is gone. ‘No, we weren’t asking Ariel for money, we were just asking if he could ask BT for money’. And I’m like, I asked for an interview from you at the same time. I’m not employed by BT, and you asked me for money as well. So that’s bullshit. That is fucking bullshit from Paddy’s manager.”