Physical 100 announces season 2 line up featuring several MMA stars including a UFC vet

Excitement abounds as Netflix unveils the poster and contestant roster for the highly anticipated second season of their adrenaline-pumping reality series, Physical: 100. Packed with an array of top-class mixed martial artists and elite athletes, the upcoming season promises to deliver thrilling challenges and fierce competition for both honor and a lucrative cash prize.

Physical: 100 stands as a testament to extreme physical prowess, featuring 100 contestants renowned for their exceptional fitness levels as they vie for supremacy in a series of demanding trials. From seasoned athletes to celebrated celebrities, the show aims to uncover the epitome of human physicality across diverse backgrounds.

The inaugural season, released to widespread acclaim in February of the previous year, showcased a captivating blend of athleticism and entertainment. Notable participants included revered MMA veteran Yoshihiro Akiyama, affectionately known as Sexyama.

For fans eagerly anticipating the show’s return, Netflix recently dropped a tantalizing trailer, announcing the impending arrival of the second season slated for March 19. Building anticipation further, the streaming giant unveiled the full roster of contestants, offering a glimpse into the diverse pool of talent set to grace the screen once more. Additionally, teasers hinting at the formidable challenges awaiting contestants in the upcoming season only serve to intensify excitement among viewers.

Much like its predecessor, the second season features a diverse lineup categorized into five groups: The Warriors, National Athletes, It Body, Superstar Athletes, and Athletic Celebrities, each comprising 16 to 27 members.

Among the notable contestants are several renowned mixed martial artists, including UFC veteran Kim Dong Hyun. With an impressive record of 22 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw, the welterweight contender brings a wealth of experience to the competition. Joining him are esteemed fighters such as Road FC Women’s Atomweight champion Yu Ri Shim, promising talent Young Ho Seol, and former UFC and PFL contender Sung Bin Jo, all of whom embody the pinnacle of physical fitness honed through rigorous training regimens.

Highlighting the show’s commitment to intensity and authenticity, producer Jang Ho-gi teased fans with the prospect of hand-to-hand combat challenges reminiscent of MMA bouts. Speaking on the matter, Jang Ho-gi emphasized the show’s dedication to realism, affirming that contestants will engage in combat within an authentic MMA cage setting.

As anticipation builds for the adrenaline-fueled spectacle that is Physical: 100 Season 2, audiences can expect a thrilling showcase of athleticism, determination, and sheer physical prowess as contestants vie for supremacy in the ultimate test of endurance and skill.