PFL exec: “Multiple opponents” lined up for Jake Paul MMA debut

PFL CEO Peter Murray has stated that influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul’s first bout in MMA will take place later this year.

Jake Paul has made his mark in combat sports, winning against some of the most iconic UFC combatants in the squared circle. His victories include notable names such as Nate Diaz, Anderson Silva, and a decisive knockout against Tyron Woodley.

Paul’s upcoming boxing match is scheduled for March 2, 2024, in Puerto Rico. However, the buzz doesn’t end there – whispers of his transition to MMA have stirred excitement. There have been a number of potential opponents vying for the chance to face Jake Paul in the cage.

In a recent interview by reporter John Morgan, Peter Murray provided intriguing insights into Jake Paul’s imminent foray into MMA.

Murray was questioned about Jake’s intention to compete in MMA in 2024 during the interview, particularly since the YouTuber is still boxing. In response to the worries, Murray said that the younger Paul brother has been busy getting ready for his impending bout in MMA later this year.

The PFL CEO said: “Yeah, Jake’s very active, A in boxing, B he’s training MMA, and we’re excited. Multiple opponents are lining up to be part of his debut into MMA.”

Among the list of prospective challengers, Nate Diaz stands out. Paul had initially extended a challenge to Diaz for a rematch in MMA, following their boxing encounter.

While the exact date for Paul’s debut MMA match remains unconfirmed, Murray hinted at an announcement soon. The disclosure may happen in the upcoming months, possibly after Paul’s next boxing bout against an opponent for which is yet to be disclosed.

“We’ll be announcing those details, I would say, in the coming months,” Murray assured.

Fans are currently waiting to see how Jake Paul will fare competing both in MMA and boxing.