Paulo Costa has an ideal opponent for Jake Paul and it’s not himself

Paulo Costa backed out from a potential boxing match with Jake Paul after his controversial comment on UFC 278 clash between Costa and Rockhold.

Costa won his match against Luke Rockhold at UFC 278 by decision. Paulo Costa welcomed Paul to challenge him during the press conference.

“Jake Paul is very welcome to send an offer, and we can do this boxing. I don’t know if he wants this blood. I think he wants to box wrestlers or something like that.”

Jake Paul criticized Costa and Rockhold’s fight by saying it was a glorified slugfest. Costa did not like his comments and criticized Paul. He took a jibe at Paul’s tactics in selecting his opponents. He said,

“Jake Paul has been doing great things. He was just a YouTuber, he came into the fight business and has done great. It’s a big difference to fight wrestlers from MMA and strikers from MMA, and in my opinion he has avoided these guys [strikers]. He’s very smart, he knows to call out guys that he is 100 per cent he can convinced he can beat, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.”

He not only insulted Paul but also proposed a future opponent for him.
“Logan Paul is bigger and is more humble than him, he’s a very different guy and I love Logan Paul. I understand Jake is doing a great job and of course I’d like to get an easy money with him, but I have a better challenge for him. Mike Perry, he’s almost the same weight class. Mike Perry is a savage if Jake wants a real fight.”

Paul had already decided to fight a professional boxer on October 6, so there was no chance of Costa’s fight.

Paulo Costa has only one fight on his current UFC contract. He already announced that he’d leave UFC for boxing if he could not secure a good contract. Upon asking about his last fight, he said,

“If I were to choose, it would be the current champion [Israel] Adesanya, but let’s see. There are many names out there. What’s up Derek Brunson, you p***y. I don’t know I think he wouldn’t accept it.”