Paulo Costa fangirls over Russian president Vladimir Putin – Again

Paulo Costa has a hilarious internet presence – but many besieged Ukrainians are likely enraged seeing UFC middleweight contender glorifying Vladimir Putin on the daily.

Paulo Costa ‘Borracinha’ had previously expressed his admiriation for Putin – and later deleted the tweets under pressure.

For this since deleted tweet Borracinha was viciously roasted.

But he’s had another change of heart. Earlier today Costa shared the following praise on twitter (backup):


This tweet sounds eerily similar to the previous one – and this time Costa appears to be sticking by his guns.

Borracinha also expressed support for another controversial personality – Alex Jones. Costa was prompted by a fan asking what he thought about the controversial media personality to which Costa responded:


Considering how many controversial tweets Costa releases on the daily it’s hard to conclude if he’s serious or trolling when it comes to most of his attitudes including this one.