Paddy Pimblett’s Insane Post Fight Diet To Blame For Him Looking Unrecognizable

Paddy Pimblett shot to stardom with his UFC debut.


But the Liverpool phenom also gave birth to a thousand memes. Everything from his look to his manners seems iconic.


Recently Paddy’s captured the audience attention through blowing up and blowing through weight divisions following the fight.

He shared just how he accomplished that impressive transformation:

“You want to see the food I’ve been putting away,” he says.

“I reckon I’ve been eating about 5-6,000 calories every day, maybe even 7-8,000 calories, going out for a meal twice a day and then having ice creams and bubble waffles and brownies.”

He’s adamant the healthy routine starts again soon, though.

“I’ll be fighting again before the end of the year, so as long as I give myself time to cut the weight back down, it’s sound,” he told BBC.

Interestingly a fellow Englishman – Michael Bisping’s words of advice for Paddy were to avoid doing just that. Allegedly Bisping would blow up between fights and is now regretful about indulging.

And as for his UFC return, Paddy might’ve jumped the gun there. According to reports he’s looking at a potential 6 month medical layoff.

Paddy Pimblett: Must have right thumb X-ray; if positive, must receive clearance from orthopedic doctor or no contest until March 4. Minimum suspension no contest until Oct. 20, no contact until Oct. 5