Paddy Pimblett roasts Logan Paul while eating: ‘I’d Fight Him Tomorrow’

Paddy Pimblett is a rising star in the UFC. He is making headlines not just for his victories inside the Octagon but also for his notorious post-bout indulgences.

Despite his impressive wins, his food extravaganzas after matches have become the talk of the town. Fans have raised concerns about his sudden weight gain after recent clashes.

Following his unanimous decision win against Tony Ferguson at UFC 296, Pimblett’s noticeable increase in weight sparked genuine worries among MMA enthusiasts.

During his appearance on the Happy Endings podcast with Danny Duncan, Pimblett exhibited no remorse. While addressing his ongoing feud with social media sensation Logan Paul, the Liverpudlian competitor ate a tempting sandwich.

Pimblett commented about Paul, audibly chewing away. “If he saw me in person, he’d probably lick me a**, wouldn’t he? He’d want a picture. I’d fight him tomorrow. He’s only a mushroom, ya know? He’s never had a fighter’s life.”

The tension between Pimblett and Paul ignited when the WWE Superstar expressed his desire on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. Paul said that if he could have one UFC bout, he would want it against Paddy. Paul also referred to him as “the next Conor McGregor,”

In response, Pimblett said that he wouldbreak Paul’s knee ligament in “12 places,” leaving him “unable to walk.”

Expressing his surprised, Pimblett told in an interview, “It’s mad. He called me a clout-chaser years ago. He’s clout-chasing me all the time, mentioning my name. If he ever wants to fight in UFC, he’s more than welcome. I’ll be there waiting for him and we’ll fight.”

Despite the ongoing banter, the prospect of Logan Paul stepping into the UFC realm hasn’t been entirely dismissed by UFC CEO Dana White. White surprisingly entertained the idea of Paul venturing into combat sports under the UFC banner if he ever wanted to.