Paddy Pimblett reveals he was approached by fans swayed away from taking their life due to his speech

Even though he has only been in the organization for a short time, Paddy Pimblett has already established himself as one of the UFC’s brightest stars. His theatrics and talents have resulted in finishes in each of his three UFC bouts. This caused his fame to soar.

Due to his fame, he reportedly signed a seven-figure contract with Barstool Sports. According to UFC President Dana White, he will appear in a pay-per-view event for his next bout.

Pimblett gained even more popularity among sports fans when he delivered a speech in the octagon after defeating Jordan Leavitt most recently.

MMA fans reacted favorably to Paddy Pimblett’s choice to utilize his media attention and interview to inspire others who were suffering. A mural waseven painted in his honor as a result of it.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports News, Paddy Pimblett was questioned about whether or not anybody had gotten in touch with him as a result of his emotional statement. He replied by saying:

“Yeah, man. I’ve had loads of comments and, like, messages and stuff. People saying ‘Oh, without you, I wouldn’t even be here.’ … Man, life blows your mind for, like, messages like that’ll mean more than any win I ever win. Someone saying to me ‘I didn’t take me life last night because of something you said.'”

Understandably, Pimblett would be astounded by the reception he has gotten. He pointed out that males find it difficult to talk to their loved ones about their episodes of sadness and mental health issues. It must be an odd sensation to get messages from complete strangers from all over the globe thanking you for inspiring them to keep living.

Many sports fans are now supporting Paddy Pimblett as a result of his inspiring speech. Even while he was previously well-liked, it increased dramatically after his most recent outing at UFC London. Although his next opponent hasn’t been revealed, it will probably be on a pay-per-view card. This might help his popularity grow even more.

Pimblett’s moment could be approaching soon since he has shown to be a charismatic athlete who can score finishes both on the ground and on the mic.