Paddy Pimblett offers to help Paulo Costa with weight cut

Paulo Costa has been a lot of fun to watch on social media – but his commitment to his martial arts career might be wavering. Ever since he lost to Israel Adesanya, Costa has been more prone to comedic antics than to earning respect with his performances in the cage.

After a big problem cutting weight for the Marvin Vettori bout – that he subsequently lost, Costa has been struggling to find an opponent.

And now that he finally has one in former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold, all attention is on Costa’s weight.

Costa is rumored to be walking around well about 220lbs – while the middleweight division limit is 185lbs.

Recently Costa poked fun at his weight and explained he would be soliciting help from UFC’s resident fatty – Paddy the Baddie Pimblett. Pimblett reportedly walks around 200lbs – while he competes at 155lbs.

It all started with American Gangster Chael Sonnen making comments on his youtube:
“Paulo can’t make weight,” Sonnen said in a YouTube video on his channel. “Paulo’s not going to make weight. I’m not looking into some crystal ball here. We know as human beings we don’t get smaller with time.”

To which Costa replied:
“Uncle Chael is everything ok? I got Charles’ scale and Pimblett as nutritionist,” alongside photos of the lightweight duo.

UFC star on the rise, Paddy Pimblett, took the comments in stride and offered: