Paddy Pimblett called out for UFC privilege, labeled as weak and ‘all talk’

UFC lightweight contender Renato Moicano has ruled out a prospective matchup against Paddy Pimblett by labelling him as “weak.”

Pimblett won a controversial match against Jared Gordon at UFC 282 to extend his undefeated streak in the UFC to four bouts. Over the course of three rounds, Gordon delivered more punches than Pimblett and secured three takedowns. In spite of this, Pimblett was given a unanimous decision victory by all three judges.

This didn’t sit quite right with Joe Rogan who recently delivered an interesting and damning analysis of Pimblett.

Since he hasn’t faced any of the top 15 lightweight contenders, Paddy isn’t currently ranked in the category. Moicano ranks at no. 13 at 155 lbs. He believes that Pimblett is being protected by the UFC because of his star status in the organization.

Moicano spoke about Pimblett to Ag Fight.

“Weak, weak, weak. It doesn’t even smell, there’s no way. You can quit. Guys who want to see a fight with Paddy Pimblett, it’s no use, there won’t be. The UFC will protect him, there’s no way around it. We have to go to the fights that can happen. Paddy Pimblett is history, it’s just talk.”

Pimblett sustained an ankle injury during his victory against Gordon and will need surgery in March.

Moicano defeated Brad Riddell by submission in the first round last November and plans to participate at UFC 287 in April.

Moicano explained:

“What I want is money. The rest doesn’t matter. Followers don’t pay the bills. Being famous doesn’t pay any bills. I want a big fight, I want to fight, I’m ready. I know that April will have a card, maybe it will be in Miami. I heard there will be a card there. Moicano wants to be there fighting a guy ranked above him and making my name in that division.”

According to UFC icon Michael Bisping, Pimblett needs to humble himself.

On his podcast, Bisping said: “I think what Paddy needs to do is just humble himself a little bit. “Stop with this ‘I’m the new cash cow’ s****. When I asked him who would he want to fight next, ‘I don’t need to say anyone’s name because I am the man. I’m the boy, I’m the cash cow.’ You’re yet to fight someone ranked.”