Oscar De La Hoya explains infamous fishnets and high heels photos

In a candid two-part documentary titled “The Golden Boy” released on July 24 by HBO, boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya addresses the tumultuous ups and downs of his life.

In the documentary, he also spoke up about the infamous images of his crossdressing. In the pictures, he was seen wearing fishnets, underwear, and high heels.

Oscar De La Hoya is now a prominent promoter. He gained immense popularity throughout his career, securing Olympic gold and conquering world titles in six weight classes.

De La Hoya has also been plagued by controversy and PED abuse. He has been the target of s**ual assault allegations, and photos from his personal life have also been released.

In the documentary, De La Hoya says: “The world fell in love with my story… but it was a lie. I’ve never told anybody what really happened.”

In 2007, pictures of De La Hoya wearing a tutu, fishnets, and high heels made headlines. Model and former stripper Milana Dravnel released them.

De La Hoya said the photographs were false for a number of years. However, the former boxer acknowledged in 2011 that they were real.

In the documentary, De La Hoya unearths long-kept secrets besides this as well. He also discusses the challenges of living in the limelight.

As a celebrated athlete, he earned a staggering $20 million per bout at the age of 24. However, he acknowledges that with such fame came a heavy price.

He admitted: “There was nobody bigger, I was hanging out with beautiful women… I felt like a star. The golden left hook, the golden story. but the truth always comes out. I knew it would come back to haunt me. Money changes everything… my dream became a nightmare.”

Spanning an impressive 16-year professional career with 45 match, De La Hoya’s journey in the boxing ring is a testament to his talent and determination. From claiming his first world title in 1994 to facing a defeat by Manny Pacquiao in 2008, his career saw both ups and downs.