OnlyFans boxer Elle Brooke sold tub of spit for $200 – and earned $30,000 in a month

In less than two minutes of their influencer boxing match at the OVO Arena Wembley, OnlyFans star Elle Brooke brutally stopped Tik Tok star Faith Ordway.

The Portsmouth native has been working out with renowned trainer Mark Tibbs for the last 12 months. She trained with Tibbs and the world champion Ebanie Bridges in Leeds.

Brooks also took a page from the Bridges playbook and remained provocative throughout her press tour.

But boxing isn’t be all end all according to Elle Brooks – there are far more lucrative opportunities out there.

Brooke has gained fame in the realm of influencer boxing, where she has won her first two matches. She competes under the Misfits promotional banner, which is run by YouTuber KSI. Additionally, she runs her subscription service on OnlyFans. This is where customers pay a monthly charge to access her adult content.

Since then, the social media sensation has said that she wants to become a professional boxer. Despite getting some odd requests from fans, Brooke said that she presently earns around $30,000 per month from her activities on the site.

When discussing some of her more strange OnlyFans requests, Brooke revealed in an interview with The Taboo Room,

“I once sold a tub of spit for like £200. I did a custom barking like a dog. But I think that’s pretty normal now. I think it’s hard because everything that you think is strange like it’s normalised to me now like that’s not even weird.”

“Like getting r***d by a ghost like pretending like that is like not even strange. Yeah I had to do a custom video I was r***d by a ghost. That was kind of difficult because you got to really use your imagination. I do requests, not so much anymore because it’d be extremely expensive for me to even move. I’m kind of lazy now.”

“My first couple of months I was making seven grand a month. At the time I made my OnlyFans I was at uni, I was like ‘that’s absolutely ridiculous,’ bearing in mind I never grew up with money. After a year I was easily making 30 grand a month, and it’s only built up since then.”

Brooke has earned a sizable profit from her time working for OnlyFans. However, she has also had a successful start to her boxing career. She won her first two bouts against AJ Bunker and Faith Ordway. Brooke thinks she has the potential to advance and maybe even challenge for a world title.

Brooke added, “This is serious for me. This time I don’t want to just give it the talk, I want to show that I can walk the walk and show I can box. I want to stay with Mark and continue growing because what we’ve done already is tremendous. I want to win belts, I want to be a champion and I have that mindset where I always want to be the best at what I do. So I really want to excel my career and once I dominate the influencer division, I’m coming for that.”