One-handed Muay thai star wins ONE FC debut

Jake Peacock is the son of former Premier League sensation Gavin Peacock. He continues to amaze the world with his extraordinary skills, despite facing physical challenges.

Recently, he showcased his remarkable talent by securing a victory in his debut match in the ONE Championship. He ended up demonstrating great resilience and determination.

Jake Peacock was born with a rare condition which hindered the growth of his lower arm. However, he defied all odds to pursue his passion for Muay Thai. In his much-anticipated debut at the ONE Championship, Peacock delivered a dominant performance against his opponent Kohei Shinjo.

Despite the absence of his right hand, Peacock’s combat skills shine through as he adeptly utilizes his remaining limbs to deliver powerful kicks and elbows. His strategic use of techniques was evident in his recent triumph against Shinjo, where he showcased his versatility and skill set.

Peacock attributes much of his success to his coach Steve Groom, who never treated him differently due to his physical condition. Groom’s unwavering support and belief in Peacock’s abilities have played an important role in shaping him into the formidable fighter he is today.

He told Sky Sports: “There might be some scepticism and doubt, but when they see my abilities and what I’ve been able to do, hopefully that’s motivating for people and inspiring. That’s to be expected really but I hope that people will be inspired by that. I’m very fortunate because the first person I trained under was Steve Groom and he didn’t even make a deal about it.”

“Just like my parents, they let me get on with stuff and let me live my life. They let me figure it out and Steve is the same, both my parents and Steve have been very influential. My whole family really, my grandparents and everyone. They’ve been very influential in how I’ve developed and there’s been no ceiling over my head as far as heights I can reach.”

Reflecting on his journey, Peacock hopes to inspire others facing similar challenges to pursue their dreams relentlessly. He acknowledges the skepticism surrounding his abilities but remains optimistic that his accomplishments will serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for others.

Peacock’s father Gavin played more than 100 games for Newcastle and Chelsea before settling down to play his whole career at Queens Park Rangers. Keith is Peacock’s grandfather, and he played professional football for Charlton for more than 15 years.

Gavin stated: “I would say my dad kicked balls professionally for a living and I kick people’s heads for a living. My grandad too, he played over 500 games for Charlton Athletic so it’s in the blood.”

“If anything it just motivates me more and gives me a real sense that I belong in a professional sport at the highest level. My dad did it, my grandad did it and now I’m doing it. I was born for it.”