OF model who threatned to dump MMA champion boyfriend if he lost, broke up with him anyway

OnlyF*ns model Rebecca J boasts a staggering 2 million followers on Instagram. She recently found herself in the limelight due to her association with MMA star Johnny Eblen.

Eblen is the current middleweight champion in Bellator. He currently has a perfect record of 15 victories against 0 defeats.

Recently, OnlyFans model Rebecca J discussed her “relationship” with the MMA star during an appearance on the No Jumper podcast on YouTube. Citing the fact that their relationship did not work out, she said:

“We went on a couple dates, he’s a sweet guy, he’s a good guy it just didn’t work out. We’re just very different, we want different things. The chemistry just wasn’t there.”

She went on to say that she was lavished with money by the mixed martial arts athlete. On their first date, Rebecca J says Johnny Eblen spent $85,000 on her. The podcast host Adam22 expressed disbelief that Eblen would spend so much money on her, even going so far as to suggest that it could not have been his money.

After that, Adam22 and Rebecca J discussed if UFC contenders would ever participate in OnlyF*ns.

Rebecca J was then questioned extensively by Adam22 on her ‘connection’ with mixed martial artist Johnny Eblen. Then he enquired as to whether they collaborated on OnlyF*ns content.

Adam22 then brought up the subject of a combat sports athlete doing OnlyF*ns after the model said that they didn’t.

He stated, “I do, I think that would be great”

Then Rebecca J answered by saying: “You think so? I don’t know, Johnny you down?”

The two then questioned whether the UFC forbade its athletes from filming content for OnlyF*ns. That was untrue since a number of UFC contenders have switched to OnlyF*ns.

In recent years, MMA competitors have turned to OnlyF*ns as an additional revenue stream. Professional athletes who have switched to the membership-based platform include Felice Herig and Paige VanZant.