Nina Agdal claims Dillon Danis shared hacked content, sues for $150k per photo released

In a determined legal move, Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal is aggressively pursuing a lawsuit against Dillon Danis.

Over the past month, Danis has flooded social media with an incessant stream of pictures featuring Agdal. This was a clear attempt to taunt Paul in anticipation of their upcoming October bout.

On Wednesday, Danis made a public announcement that Agdal had initiated a lawsuit against him and successfully obtained a restraining order.

In the court documents exclusively obtained by TMZ, Agdal contends that some of the videos and pictures circulated by Danis came from hacked sources.

One particularly distressing incident mentioned in the suit involves Danis sharing a highly intimate image of Agdal, originating from a “romantic encounter” over a decade ago. This image was posted on his Twitter account without Agdal’s consent, and was left uncensored. Later, Danis even re-shared the explicit photograph to garner more views.

Agdal wrote in her suit: “Danis posted the photograph — entirely uncensored — from his X (Twitter) account, without Plaintiff’s consent. Later that day, Danis reposted the explicit photograph in order to maximize the number of views it would receive.”

The a 31-year-old model asserts that Danis only agreed to remove the image after Misfits Boxing (the organization backing the October 14th Danis vs. Paul showdown) threatened to cancel the bout unless he complied.

Agdal also points out in the suit that several other posts made by Danis have caused her distress. One such instance was a tweet dated August 28th, wherein a video from over six years ago featured Agdal discussing “her desire for intimacy during a period of celibacy.”

Agdal asserts that this video was tucked away deep within her Snapchat archives, suggesting that Danis may have gained access through unauthorized means.

According to TMZ, Agdal is seeking damages of $150,000 for each intimate photo released by Danis. While the exact damages remain unspecified, Agdal is adamant about seeking no less than $150,000 per violation. This is in context of federal laws prohibiting the non-consensual sharing of intimate images.

In addition to damages, Agdal is seeking a restraining order from the court. This is aimed at preventing Danis from further sharing sexually explicit images.

After the initiation of the lawsuit, Danis seems to have ceased his relentless posting of pictures featuring Agdal. In the event that Danis is unable to face Paul, former UFC combatant Mike Perry has already been identified as an alternative contender.