Nick Diaz attends and condemns a kids MMA event

The question of letting kids be involved in MMA at a young age is very questionable. The brain doesn’t finish developing until mid to late twenties which makes their participation in a striking sport all the more troubling.

In many ways participating in kids MMA can be compared to participation in American football, hockey, karate or boxing – but it is widely less accepted.

Considering the amount of professionals and fans that aren’t aware of the risks or proper protocols to treat a concussion it’s all the more concerning.

One individual who is aware of all the risks that come with choosing MMA as a career is Nick Diaz. Diaz is 38 years old and has been active on the MMA scene since 2001 professionally.

Yesterday he attended a peculiar event and posted the following:

Over the years many speculated that Diaz had issues relating to brain damage. Over the course of his career he absorbed over 1261 significant strike in cage alone. Not to mention the strikes he’s taken during training.

Back in May, Nick Diaz talked about wanting to get back in the cage in 2022 at a fan meet and greet. This was the first time Diaz gave a statement in months.

The 38 year old MMA veteran  returned last year – after a suspension break he’s had since 2015.

Despite the lackluster showing against Robbie Lawler, Diaz still thinks a title shot could be in his future.

Dana White was recently asked about Diaz’ comments.

“I don’t want to see Nick Diaz get hurt,” White told Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports.

“Talking about Nick Diaz vs. Usman, Usman is the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world,” the UFC exec said. “I need to look out for Nick and make sure Nick doesn’t get hurt.”

Cesar Gracie went on to reveal Nick Diaz is currently being operated on to replace 2 dsics in his neck.

Diaz is currently 38 years old and had been inactive for five years prior to last year.