Ngannou might not be the betting favorite but his chilling life story already has him beating the odds

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury are about to square off in a highly anticipated boxing match. These two fearsome heavyweights are expected to square off on October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Many in the MMA world questioned Ngannou’s choice and wondered whether as the heavyweight champion, he had lost out on a huge chance by leaving the UFC to seek a career in boxing.

Francis Ngannou has come a long way from his poor origins in Batie, Cameroon. This is where at the young age of nine, he began working in a sand quarry.

Fury is currently the heavy favorite to win his clash with Ngannou.

Francis Ngannou was certain that professional combat sports was where his career lay. The 36-year-old’s perseverance helped him reconstruct his life and reach the top of the UFC as a champion despite facing extreme difficulties, such as life-threatening circumstances when travelling in Africa and spells of homelessness on the streets of Paris.

Following the announcement of his upcoming bout against Tyson Fury, the public’s interest in Francis Ngannou’s life story has once again been piqued. Twitter user George Mack summarised Ngannou’s career trajectory in a series of tweets in 2021.

The information has since spread like wildfire on social media, attracting the attention of combat sports journalist Ariel Helwani and igniting the fervour of both MMA fans and enthusiasts.

On October 28, Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury are scheduled to compete in a boxing match.

Although Fury presently has the WBC heavyweight championship, it won’t be up for grabs when these two clash in the Middle East. The contest will be judged by a three-judge panel using the 10-point must system over ten rounds of three minutes each.

However, it is still unclear if this matchup will have an official effect on both Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou’s professional records. Nevertheless, fans are sure to be captivated by this boxing matchup of the two heavyweights.