Ngannou gets emotional talking about the first substantial payday he used to secure his family’s wellbeing

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou took to Instagram to share a narrative, reflecting on his remarkable journey from poverty to success.

Ngannou recently shared images of his mother and a truck on social media. He posted it along with a caption that spoke about his joys and hardships supporting his family.

He spoke about how growing up in a sand mine, having a truck was his goal as it was a status symbol. He described how he used his early UFC earnings to buy a secondhand vehicle for $30,000 in order to assist his unemployed brother and their family.

In his Instagram post,  Ngannou provided insight into the emotional impact of that moment. He wrote: “As a kid growing up in a sand mine, the biggest dream alive in that environment is to become a truck driver and better yet, a truck owner as they are on-top of the chain of command in a sand business…. I was happy to satisfy one of my childhood dreams. But what made me happiest – and I almost teared up – were those pictures with my mom in front of the truck smiling as her suffering was about to end for real… At that exact moment, even though I was out of money and my utilities couldn’t go through until my next paycheck from my fight in Albany 12/9/2016, I felt like I made it.”

Ngannou is currently gearing up for a boxing match against boxing heavyweight Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia on Mar 8. While acknowledging Joshua’s potential strength, Ngannou expressed unwavering confidence in his ability to overcome him.

Speaking on the High Performance podcast, Ngannou stated: “Nothing is impossible, right? We don’t know the strength of Anthony Joshua, but even though I don’t believe he has that strength, but we’re going to find out. We’re going to find out, and I think the reverse is going to happen. I’m going to be the one taking his soul.”