Next Level: How the guy on the left reads his movement and blocks

Mixed martial arts started as a sort of a way to discover the most effective martial art. The first UFC event pitted professionals with different specializations and allowed for – pretty much anything.

Over the years, martial arts and MMA have moved away from specialized approach and more into the winning combination of skills. But the need for self defense is still there – as it’s always been.

While jiu jitsu was wildly successful in the early era of MMA nowadays a lot more attention goes to elite striking – in part due to the entertainment value it provides.

This next clip showcases a unique way to diffuse a strike and leave the spectators stunned – all at the same time.

As you can see in the video above – that’s not a slight jab that’s thrown, instead it’s a fully loaded blow that attempted to blind side the unsuspecting victim. This made the aptly timed reaction all the more entertaining.

Commenters were quick to point out:

‘The other guy is huge and moves like a pro, maybe the attacker isn’t that weak but he’s up against a big fish’