New collegiate record broken by trans athlete in women’s category

Riley Gaines recently criticised a transgender sprinter at Rochester Institute of Technology for breaking the school record in the 300-meter women’s event.

On December 8, athlete Sadie Schreiner broke the previous school record in the women’s 300m category at Nazareth University in Rochester, New York, on December 8.

In an event sparking heated debate, transgender woman Sadie Schreiner astoundingly broke the collegiate school record.

During the final meet before winter break, Schreiner clocked an impressive 41.80 seconds. Female athletes Brynn Mooney and Victoria Brewster secured second and third positions respectively, with times of 42.66 seconds and 43.14 seconds.

Riley Gaines is a vocal advocate for preserving fair play in women’s sports. She has consistently spoken out against transgender athletes competing in women’s categories. Gaines supported the stand taken by the hockey team’s captain against an unfortunate incident during a field hockey match in Massachusetts and even Lia Thomas.

Expressing her disapproval, Gaines openly criticized Schreiner’s achievement and highlighted it as a recurring trend.

She wrote on X: “New collegiate school record in women’s 300m at @RITtigers!!! Except it was set by a male. This happens a lot for something that never happens @RITTFXC”

She brought attention to Schreiner’s previous participation in men’s events in 2022. Then known as Camden, Schreiner ranked 19th in the men’s 100m event with a timing of 11.72 seconds.

Gaines’ advocacy for women’s sports gained traction following her own experience at the 2022 NCAA Swimming Championships. Sharing a fifth-place tie with Lia Thomas in the 200-yard freestyle swimming event, Gaines encountered an unsettling incident.

While both athletes clocked the same times, only Thomas received the award. According to Gaines, she was told that the trophy would be sent to her and that she may take a picture with the sixth-place award on the platform.

In a recent interview with John Cleese for GNB News, Caitlyn Jenner commended Gaines for her unwavering stance. The former Olympic gold medalists stated: “She has been a big advocate of keeping trans women out of women’s sports and I big support her. She’s a good friend and has done wonderful work.”